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About Us


Our why is simple. We help people who want to organization in their spaces bridging the gaps in mental health and organization skills. When YOU are your best self, there is no stopping what you can accomplish!

Our mission is to help people who have struggled with maintaining consistency with organizational skills within their personal and working spaces. We present opportunities, and education for clients to hold  Ah-ha moments by creating "Space Harmony" in a holistic manner. 

Our goal is to help you identify your organizing personality type, learn how to organize simplistically, and build confidence to retaining new organizational and life skills to thrive!

 Our motto is Simply Planned, Simply Organized. That's it.  We offers guidance in personalizing organization systems, use effective organization strategies, and help establish long and short-term  goals with our clients mental, physical and emotional well-being at the center of our focus.

We seek to serve individuals from ALL backgrounds, who are ready for positive change in their daily habits, acceptance of neuro-diverse challenges, and acceptance of belonging to an action-oriented & holistic community.

"Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." – Patrick Lencioni

  "Expanding Organizing Beyond  Your Current View"

At Optimal Organizers we have a deep connection to collaborate, educate, and grow with individuals who are seeking positive change in their daily habits, acceptance of neuro-diverse challenges, and a sense of belonging to an action-oriented & holistic community.  We all have struggled around staying organized at some point.  At Optimal Organizers, my goals is always to provide  holistic environment, judgement-free atmosphere and ongoing support. Optimal Organizers was founded in 2010 with the goal to become the gold-standard professional organizing education and resource center for all of  space organization needs. It is here that we have learned through continuous and relevant training, and years of in the field experience at organizing with individuals from ALL backgrounds and organizing challenges, but have a desire to feel comfortable, accepted, and relief in their homes, work and creative space. 

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Why Collaborate With Us? 

 Prepares for You Organizing Roadmap

Consistency is key to learning and creating new behaviors and habits. Optimal Organizers offers honesty, integrity and a non-judgement free environment at every session right from the start.

Guides Cross Functional Collaboration

Not quite sure? Let's determine what that vision can look like and where to start. Working with a Professional Organizer Specialist can help take all of those thoughts and help create a reality for a fully functioning home, creative or work space environment. Not just one that looks good. But feels good too!  

Teaching You How Organizing System work with YOU

At Optimal Organizers, we are about treating our clients with empathy, respect and care. That includes the systems we help clients to implement in creating an organized, and positive environment. Our job is to help clients to understand what systems are not working for them in organizing, how to create new organizing systems, implement new learning into everyday life, and how maintain it. We are not a cleaning service. If you are looking for cleaning services, we can gladly help you with that too!

Reflects on Your Organizing Journey

Decluttering is a lot of work, and can feel like an over-whelming process mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We want our clients to feel confident in their newly organized spaces and not feel overwhelmed or afraid to maintain their new skills. So we take photos of your space before, during and after helps you see the physical journey, not just the clutter (all with our client's permission of course!)

Celebrates Your Progress

It's time to celebrate! You have decluttered, learned new organizing, and coping skills, which is very rewarding. That's the whole point. To activate your working memory, prioritize tasks, manage time and simply organize. No matter where you start from in disorganization, there is light at the end. We are here to celebrate your new found space, and most importantly YOU! During the decor process, we want you to take just a moment to pause and let us set up your newly organized space. You have done the hard work, allow us to do the rest. The Reveal is a celebration. Invite some guests if you like! It's about you and your organizing journey.

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