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The N' My Cenergy Provider's Network is designed to support the existing initiatives that referring agencies offer while enhancing services to improve the lives of individuals seeking to maintain stability within their lives and communities through a supportive collaborative network.


Optimal Organizers leads to educate participants, staff members, practitioners and support systems on how one can improve chronic disorganization situations, living with neuro-diverse challenges, social-economic issues through incorporating life skills training by continuous support and offering ongoing aftercare organizing solutions.

Our partnerships and providers are licensed and trained in mental health, social work, behavioral health, substance abuse, addictions, business development and other social economic challenges that can affect one's personal environments.  To become a provider in the network, contact us to set up a brief Provider's Meeting. 

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What our Provider's Network offers

We benefit when our clients benefit. The same is true with our partnerships and the providers that we collaborate with. Collaborative care for our clients is always at the center of what we do. This is  professional organizing done differently. 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Benefits to Joining the Provider's Network 

* Collaborative Programming for Providers

* Client Referrals 

*Virtual or In-person Organizing Group Therapy for clients

* Network Sharing of Community Resources 

* Supportive Community of Professionals 

* Expanded knowledge within the organizing community

*  Opportunities for Content Expert Speaking Engagements

*Organizational Skills Training for staff and employees 

* Aftercare Support for Clients

*Company Added to Directory

* Access to E-Learning Programs 

Access to Exclusive Services 

Safe Working Environment

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Schedule a Provider's Network Brief-click here

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