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Before & After Photos

The pandemic has taught us all many lessons. One the many lessons at Optimal Organizers that we have discovered, is that the process of becoming and maintianing organization can be very emotional, mentally taxing, and physicially straining during the journey. While your end goal maybe to have order in your space , and sharpen your organizing muscle skills, it is very personal expereince. For that we want to continue to honor our client's spaces, lives, possessions and mental health and will no longer post or publicize client space photos. Photos are taken before, during and after each project so, that clients may see the progress they have made during the organizing process. * Personal information is not captured during photos for client privacy and confidentiality. We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. 

We understand this may prevent someone from having visual reference to our work, but please note that every case is different in organization strategies utilized, resources received, products recommended and time of support.


Photos below were taken between 2019-2022