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Creating a sense of community from shared values, ideas, and encouraging individuals to celebrate differences in talents is just one of the many values that Optimal Organizers strives for. Optimal Organizers is more than just impactful professional organizing solutions and organized spaces; but a conveyor for connecting the bridges with one's mental health, acknowledging challenges faced, intentionally fostering healthy practices, building meaningful collaborations, and providing resources in and around our communities.


When you have the support you need to face those challenges head-on, there is no limit to the possibilities you extend to yourself. The African proverb " It takes a village"...says just the very least of what one can accomplish, overcome, and spread knowledge when you are welcomed into a community. So come in, get connected, learn something new, share your gifts and be apart of the communities! There is so much organizing we can do!

Check out our featured groups below to join in on the action!

Silver Bells Organizing Group (62+)

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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