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Optimal Organizers loves collaborating with individuals who haven't quite succeeded with maintaining organization. Organization is a skillset that we are not taught on how to maintain long-term. We collaborate with individuals who are willing to acknowledge unorganized patterns, behaviors, and help them to formulate positive habits for long-term success. Our programs offers full support to assist in creating plans for you to maintain harmony with your space. We want you to bring back the enjoyment of connecting to your environment, no matter how big or small.

Our comprehensive consultations, resouces, private individual and group learning sessions are designed to help YOU with the organizing challenges that you are facing.  Chronically cluttered situations and spaces can bind you to procrastination, anxiety, fear, lack of motivation, low moral, loss of revenue, fuel negative results with mental health challenges, increase physical health ailments and increase a lack of  work/chore productivity short term and continue into long-term challenges.

If you need to see or speak with a mental health provider, please let check out the Provider's Network Directory for more information.  

Click on the services below for more details...

Buisness space  

Organize to understand your business space, workflows and processes like a pro!

space organizing

Tackle clutter challenges taking over  your home spaces 

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creative space organizing 

Wrangle order with supplies & more to continue your creative flow. 

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Specialty Organizing Support 

Supporting  you right where you are right now

Virtual Organizing Groups

Private small groups sessions for those needing a little more organizing TLC!

Learning Academy

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Learn new life skills using 

H.O.W.L. Holistic Organizing Wellness & Learning Systems

We can all agree that feeling unorganized can add an unnecessary stress to our day, but did you know how much clutter truly affects your day-to-day lives?
On the Phone
Additional Resources
Doing Homework
Virtual Team Meeting
Organizing the Calendar

Below are a few additional resources that can help you on your organizing journey. Just as you would have a team for your health and wellness, financial health, and or getting repairs around your home, organizing your spaces and decluttering should be no different. 


National Association of Black Professional Organizers (NABPO)

Not in Charlotte or the surrounding areas? Locate & work with a minority Professional organizers in your area!



Institute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD)

Are you facing extreme or severe cases of disorganization? Resources are available.



National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO)

Want to become a Professional Organizer? Your go to for  credentialing and professional development


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