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Senior Cares Program 

Optimal Organizers Senior Care Program is an organizing program that offers Professional Organizing solutions to senior citizens located in the local Charlotte and surrounding area communities for a flat fee. Caring for our seniors with dignity, respect and compassion while organizing their belongs in their homes. Organizing sessions are available for a downsize, packing & moving/storage, organizing to support daily living activities as well as end-of life organizing support. We help seniors to move around in their homes safely. Contact us today for pre-consultation and more information on how to register. 

How the Senior Cares Program Works?

The Senior Cares Program is run solely on the compassion and support of volunteers, supporters, and neighbors like you. A Professional Organizer Specialist is present at the start of registering the senior participant into the program, and is the lead contact during the initial private organizing sessions. Volunteers register to help with the packing, moving, and cleaning the senior's residence. Donations are accepted in the form of monetary amounts, donated supplies and your time.   Click any of the links below in how you can donate. *Pick ups can be arranged for local donated supplies. 

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Senior Cares Program Q&A

Q: I am a caregiver of a senior in your area, how do I register them for the Senior Cares program?

A: Fill out the short form below online for general information, and a representative will reach out to you soon!

Q: I am on a fixed income, and need to downsize my home. How can I I get started?

A: That's great. The program is based off of income criteria. Let us get some brief information from you and see if you qualify for the program. 

Q: My mother is in a rehabilitation center after having a stroke. She will be coming home soon, she can't move around too much, how can we get in the program?

A: Contact us for a consultation. We would love to assess the home needs, and learn more about your family situation.

Q: My father just passed away, he lived in Monroe and we are packing up his home? Can you help with that? 

A: Yes, we can. We will set up an appointment to come to your home to help organize his belongings for storage, set up donation pick-ups and/or removal for you. 

Q: I am nervous about having a lot of  people in my home, how many people will be here? 

A: For larger home organizing projects, a volunteer crew maybe needed. All volunteers are screened, trained and must show a negative COVID test or complete vaccination card before volunteering. The Pro Organizer Specialist is always present and the point of contact when on-site. Our in-house team handles all of the paperwork behind the scenes. 

Q:  How much does the Senior Cares Program cost? 

A.Our program relies on donations from individuals, and groups. We strive to keep the cost extra low for our seniors in need.

*Have further questions? Contact us at


*To book a Senior Cares Program Consultation             


*If you are from a social service agency, non-profit, or referring organization click here.

*If you would like to learn more about how to create a Senior Cares Organizing Program in your area, click here

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