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Grief & Breavement Organizing Solutions

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Grief and bereavement looks different for every individual. No matter when it happens or the circumstances, we all will experience the end-of-life of someone close to us at some point in our lives. Optimal Organizers takes a unique approach in understanding that decluttering objects & spaces when going through the personal affects left behind by our loved ones are special, memorable, and can become a very daunting task for families, spouses, partners, children, caregivers and those left with the responsibilities of clearing the life lost personal spaces. 

* We offer simplified, efficient organizing & decluttering packages for you. 

* Resources for grief counseling, trauma therapy support for individuals and families in need. 

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* Assistance with donation set-up, consignment auction, or storage set-up of unique properties.


Single GBO Support Session

One (1) individual session totaling four (4)-hour of decluttering.

Designed for:

* One small room or 1 smaller space.

(i.e.: indivduals dressers/chests/bookcases, etc.)


24-Hour GBO Support  Organizing  Package 

Sessions can split into individual OR grouped together totaling 24-hours.

Designed for:

4+ rooms with OR without storage spaces. (Max 3 storage spaces)


8-Hour GBO Support  Organizing Package

Four (4) individual sessions, OR

1-single session totaling eight (8) hours of organizing or decluttering.

Designed for:

2 rooms or 1 smaller storage spaces. 


ADD-ON: Storage Space Only 

Need an additional storage space decluttering or organizing? Add on single to any package above.


16-Hour GBO Support Organizing Package 

Eight (8) individual sessions OR two (2) 8-hour sessions totaling 16 hours grouped.

Designed for: 3 rooms or 2 storage spaces. 


Packing Space Organizing

We offer packing only of belongings or effects that will be stored, shipped, moved to another location outside of the original location. 

Grief & Bereavement Organizing Support Solutions

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