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Crafters & Creative Space Organizing Solutions 


We understand that creating, designing and cultivating new craft-related projects is your thing! Having a dedicated space to house even the smallest of tools, materials and more can become overwhelming. Working with a professional to help you get  and stay organized, establish solutions & systems in your space make flowing from one project to the next a breeze. Optimal Organizers has teamed with        923 Fabrics & Crafts for special servicing and pricing for exclusive organizing solutions with the creative crafter in mind. Discounts are available exclusively for subscribing members 923 Fabrics & Crafts. If you are not a member, that's okay, we have great solutions available for you!


What We Do


Discover your style


Assess your needs


Collaborate your design


Reveal your organizing

"Learning to Grow, Inspires Creativity"

Crafters & Creative Makers Shared Space
Craft Supplies
  1. Are your craft or maker supplies, tools and projects overflowing in your space? Then the Crafter's Corner-Shared Spaces Organizing solutions is just for you!

  2. Description: This space is not dedicated as a stand alone craft room space, but is designed as a space within a larger room that is shared. (Consultation required.

  3. Ex. Tabletop, under staircase, corner of a room. The space takes up no more than 1 wall.* 

Design A Crafter & Creative Maker Space
Woman in Pottery Studio

Not sure where to put your crafting supplies? No real organizing systems in place? Let us help you create a Crafter's Creative Space.

Description: We help set the groundwork with establishing organizing systems designed for a creative space dedicated to become a craft work space.(consultation is required) 

Ex. Establishing & converting space within your residence/work area. 

Scrapbooking Table

Has your creative space become overly cluttered? Is your dedicated craft or maker space in need of a full makeover? Then its time for a Creative Space Makeover!

Description: Redesign your craft space with fresh, efficient organizing systems and functionality effortlessly that matches your personality. (consultation required)

Decluttering & Destash
Scrapbooking Table

 Are you ready to declutter and Destash supplies that you are no longer using or have multiples of? The Destash those items today!


Description-This coaching session(s) are for those crafters & makers that are downsizing, reorganizing, and re-categorizing craft tools & supplies for better workflow.

Ex. Have an overflow of wood stamps, fabrics, paper crafts, yarn, needs and more! 

Crafter & Creative Makers' Organizing Coach
Scrapbooking Table
  1. Do you have organizing under your belt? Is your space orderly and well put together, but your projects are co-mingling and merging together? Can't seem to get a steady flow from start to finish before starting new? Then how about a little coaching to keep you on track?

  2. Description: One-on-one sessions for the organized crafter or maker. Keep yourself organized project over project from start to finish.

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