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Learning Opportunties 

Optimal Organizers is expanding! The Optimal Organizers Learning Academy.  We already offers quality professional organizing solutions, but now offer a series of learning opportunities, and professional development opportunities for individuals, businesses, groups and more. Our talented team of facilitators, understand organizing strategies and solutions to guide and engage you and/or your staff in developing organizing skills that can be readily used at work, home or with clients! Through our rigorous designed learning curriculums, our team of professionals have the skills to get you organized. We will be there to help you stay motivated along the way and maintain your skill set well into the future.  In-person or virtual training options are available!

    Our Professional Organizer Specialist team have a unique advantage at gaging external environments, and cultivating creative organizing systems that individuals, and business professionals need. Contact us to schedule a consultation at to book your next training opportunity.

If you are a subject matter expert in: mental health/psychology, behavioral health, social work, perinatal, legal, medical, senior care management and would like to learn more about learning collaborations or partnerships-reach out to 

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